Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2019

It is not a secret that with the change of the season we also want to upgrade our look. The best way to start is to go for interesting haircut and then switch up the color. Whether you are looking for a dark brunette tone or an icy blonde hue or something from reds, there is always a good choice for you. The winter is a season of the contrasts, that’s why dark and light tones gather to provide you with a beautiful contrasting hairdo. If you are looking for winter hair colors, no need to go far since I have selected some hair color ideas for winter 2019, find your inspiration among these shades.  Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2019Smoky Blonde Hair

With each coming season we should look for a new makeover. There is a tendency to go for darker shades in the winter. If you have a light blonde tone you can enhance it with smoky hues since they are totally in. Smoky blonde is an incredible hue between caramel and sand. This tone is just great for women with cool complexions. However it is the best way to play with your blonde strands.Smoky Blonde HairCaramel Brown Hair

The wearer of this color tends to grab attention. Caramel brown is a rich hue that flatters almost all skin tones. It can form an incredible headdress for winter. However this color combo is a popular choice particularly among brunettes who want to upgrade their lifeless strands. If you want to show off the beautiful shades you can style your hair into beautiful curls.Caramel Brown HairDark Red

Somehow it is hard to guess whether this model is wearing dark brown or red shade. To achieve this look you have to use both brown and red tones and the result is going to happen something between these two colors. Thus, with a rich hair hue like this you don’t need to do much of styling. In case if you have short strands, simply curl the tips and that will be more than enough.Dark RedSilver Hair color

When searching for the latest winter trends, always keep in your mind that the grey is super trendy option! Well, it requires some time and efforts to fashion a sophisticated hairstyle like this one, but it is really worth. Hair length plays a big role since it gives you more space to display this beautiful color melt. When it comes to styling, consider creating lots of big waves.Silver Hair colorBrowned Blonde Hair

This hair color is going to be super trendy in 2019 too. I assure you that two-tone hair colors don’t show any sign of disappearing. This particular headdress involves fantastic blonde and brown tones. The two prominent colors blend into each other to create a glamorous and winter-appropriate hairdo. After getting this look you can be sure to get many compliments.Browned Blonde Hair



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