2019 Blonde Hair Color Inspiration from Hollywood

Would you like to know who are the most inspiring blonde stars in Hollywood? Keep on reading and be inspired by the most glamorous blonde hair colors for 2019 right from Hollywood. Here we have gathered together the most seductive celebrities who rock blond mane like real angels. Take examples from their posh and expensive experiments, as they never count their money when it comes to new hairstyles and hair colors.blonde hair colors 2019Scarlett Johansson Soft Blonde Hair Color

The stunning sun-kissed blonde shades that Scarlett Johansson pulls off ideally work with her light skin tone and warm undertones. She becomes a subtle beauty in soft wavy and messy hairstyles which frame her face with a sophisticated charm. It goes without saying that her light shiny eyes become shinier due to the warm tints of the flaxen blonde. She looks gorgeous even without makeup on.

Glossy Golden Brown Hair Colors

Many believe that brown hair colors are the most seductive shades that women can wear. But they need updates and trendy touches each season to look more delightful and attractive. The simple monotone and natural brown hair colors have already done their job in the fashion world. Now the turn is for the golden brown hair colors to sparkle with all their power and beauty. golden brown hair colors 2019Who says that golden can be only blonde shades? Here are the glossiest golden brown hues that inspire many brown-haired and brunette women who want to lighten up their natural shade. This is a game of rich shades that make hair very healthy, shiny and glamorous. In case you already have brown hair you are lucky one as you’ll easily pull off the golden tints. Those with darker base hair color may need some bleaching or lightening to get the desired golden brown result.

Top 5 Hair Color Ideas for Brides

This is a new tendency of matching hair colors with wedding gowns, accessories hairstyles and makeups. Weddings are important occasions in our lives and when it comes to wedding looks, we do our best to choose the latest trends. Girls start to plan their wedding quite early and actually, they have much time for making the best look ever. Today stylists offer new hair color ideas for brides aside from the hairstyle and makeup.  Here are the top 5 shades to choose for 2019.hair colors for brides 2019Red Hair Color for Brides

Be it a natural ginger or a deep burgundy red hair color this hue is perfect to match with super white dresses. Brides should choose hair colors, which create a cool contrast with their wedding dress but go well with their complexion. In this case red is a great choice for you to opt for your wedding. It will enhance the charm of your hair and will draw attention to your seductive face. Besides, you will create a mysterious attractiveness with red and white combination. Short, medium and long hairstyles all go well with bright red hair colors. You will easily soften your pixie cut and will make your long waves and curls sparkle more beautifully in a red hair color. As for the makeup, you can choose dark smokey eyes and red lips.

Fresh Hair Color Trends from Celebs for Winter 2019

One of the easiest and simplest things you can do to refresh your look is experimenting with a fresh hair color in winter 2019. After all nothing is permanent and your hair color will become grey one day. So, pull off one of these cute shades to create a suitable look for the cold winter season as well as to draw much attention on your pretty appearance.hair colors for winter 2019Jessica Alba Babylights Hair Color

Do you have brown hair? Would you like to soften it in winter 2019? Used light caramel tints and lighter brown tones to get cute highlights. While this is not a specific color but a game of shades, tones and hues, you are welcome to pull off the right highlights according to your complexion. Jessica Alba is a real fan of highlights and she always opts for the best styles.

Inspiring Pastel Hair Colors for Brunttes

If your stylist has told you that you can’t get pastel hair color because of your brunette hair then you are in the right place. We will inspire you with the best pastel hair colors for brunettes and will give you the most useful ideas on how to achieve the desired look. Don’t be disappointed of what your stylist tells about and just go on with the professional touches and methods.pastel hair colors for brunettes 2019Of course, it’s harder to achieve pastel shade on dark hair but everything is possible if you really seek for it. While light-haired ladies try out any pastel shade they want brunettes need to be patient and wait for a while to get the desired shade on their hair. Stylists say that hair chalks tend to fade quickly on dark hair. So you need to go for a real coloring to showcase the beauty of your fresh pastel hue.

Bright Fruit-Inspired Hair Color Ideas

Once the creative watermelon hair coloring trend became common everyone started to think of other fruit-inspired hair colors. However some were just existing but we didn’t realize. For instance the pastel peach, apricot, strawberry blonde and many other warm shades remind us of sweet fruits. Today this string is more expanded and filled with new hair color ideas.fruit inspired hair colors 2019Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Let’s start form the most common fruit inspired hair color. it’s the sun-kissed strawberry blonde. This warm shade is a cute hair color for many women with pale skin tones and rosy undertones. It makes hair luscious, luminous and glamorous. In case you are confused in the variety of blonde hair colors and seek for a warmer shade then the lovely strawberry blonde waits for you.

Hottest Natural Red Hair Color Ideas

While deep and bright red hair color are beautiful and eye-catching they are far from looking natural. Women trying to look like natural redheads generally make their choice between strawberry blonde, ginger and auburn shades. If your hair is already light blonde you will easily archive the desired natural red tone on your locks. Some of the best examples of natural red hair colors are collected below special for you to pick the right shade for your complexion.natural red hair colors 2019Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

The lightest red hair color that you can meet among natural redheads is the strawberry blonde. It is one of the most popular shades in Hollywood and is often seen on the red carpet. That bright, cheerful, sun-kissed and shiny blonde shade mixed with reddish undertones hoes well with pale to medium skin tones depending on the tone you choose for your hair. Strawberry blonde is best reflected on naturally blonde hair colors.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color Inspiration

Leave alone the myth that chestnut brown hair is dull. Chestnut brown has the most versatile shades that look so natural and beautiful. According to the latest researches men mostly like women with chestnut brown hair. No blonde and no red! Just the soft shade of a chestnut brown with all the violet, reddish and dark hues. From now on, you will be inspired by the most ravishing chestnut brown hair colors that have millions of tones.Chestnut Brown Hair Colors 2019If you have naturally chestnut brown hair color but still seek for a kind of update, you don’t need to change your shade entirely. Just a richer tone of chestnut brown hair color and you are done with a shiny hairstyle. Check out these cool ideas on how to embrace chestnut brown hair and opt for the styles that most appeal to you.

Honey Brown Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Honey blonde is a common blonde shade that you can meet in the simplest hair color palette, while honey blonde is a trendy shade that tends to become the ultimate ombre shade. We are going to meet many models rocking honey brown ombre hair colors for 2019 as the latest Milan, New York and Paris fashion weeks are all inspired by the honey brown hairstyles.honey brown ombre hair colors 2019What is Honey Brown Ombre?

Stylists get the honey brown ombre with the help of the light brown and dark blondish combinations. The warm brown roots look very fresh and pretty with sun-kissed honey highlights. Sometimes they are so natural and delightful that many brown-haired beauties choose it as a new hair coloring idea to update their base shade. Honey brown ombre best goes with medium to olive skin tones, green and brown eyes. You can even use a balayage or sombre highlighting techniques to get softer and subtler ombre hair color.

2019 Trendy Metal Inspired Hair Colors

The season of the new hair color inspiration is already open and we are excited with the latest metal inspired hair color trends for 2019.  We say goodbye to the common and dull hair colors and open the doors for the shiniest, glossiest and the most dazzling metallic hair colors that include both blondish, brownish and reddish hues. Here you are going to be amused by the fresh and healthy shine of the blonde, brown and red hair colors with the cool metallic touch in them.hair colors for 2019Copper Hair Color

Copper is one of the brightest metals with the astounding reddish hue in it. This is the best choice for redheads to want to refresh their ginger locks. It works well with pale to medium skin tones that have rosy undertones and compliments green eyes. Many celebrities have discovered its charm and beauty on their own hair. What about you?