Hottest Natural Red Hair Color Ideas

While deep and bright red hair color are beautiful and eye-catching they are far from looking natural. Women trying to look like natural redheads generally make their choice between strawberry blonde, ginger and auburn shades. If your hair is already light blonde you will easily archive the desired natural red tone on your locks. Some of the best examples of natural red hair colors are collected below special for you to pick the right shade for your complexion.natural red hair colors 2019Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

The lightest red hair color that you can meet among natural redheads is the strawberry blonde. It is one of the most popular shades in Hollywood and is often seen on the red carpet. That bright, cheerful, sun-kissed and shiny blonde shade mixed with reddish undertones hoes well with pale to medium skin tones depending on the tone you choose for your hair. Strawberry blonde is best reflected on naturally blonde hair colors.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color Inspiration

Leave alone the myth that chestnut brown hair is dull. Chestnut brown has the most versatile shades that look so natural and beautiful. According to the latest researches men mostly like women with chestnut brown hair. No blonde and no red! Just the soft shade of a chestnut brown with all the violet, reddish and dark hues. From now on, you will be inspired by the most ravishing chestnut brown hair colors that have millions of tones.Chestnut Brown Hair Colors 2019If you have naturally chestnut brown hair color but still seek for a kind of update, you don’t need to change your shade entirely. Just a richer tone of chestnut brown hair color and you are done with a shiny hairstyle. Check out these cool ideas on how to embrace chestnut brown hair and opt for the styles that most appeal to you.

Honey Brown Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Honey blonde is a common blonde shade that you can meet in the simplest hair color palette, while honey blonde is a trendy shade that tends to become the ultimate ombre shade. We are going to meet many models rocking honey brown ombre hair colors for 2019 as the latest Milan, New York and Paris fashion weeks are all inspired by the honey brown hairstyles.honey brown ombre hair colors 2019What is Honey Brown Ombre?

Stylists get the honey brown ombre with the help of the light brown and dark blondish combinations. The warm brown roots look very fresh and pretty with sun-kissed honey highlights. Sometimes they are so natural and delightful that many brown-haired beauties choose it as a new hair coloring idea to update their base shade. Honey brown ombre best goes with medium to olive skin tones, green and brown eyes. You can even use a balayage or sombre highlighting techniques to get softer and subtler ombre hair color.

2019 Trendy Metal Inspired Hair Colors

The season of the new hair color inspiration is already open and we are excited with the latest metal inspired hair color trends for 2019.  We say goodbye to the common and dull hair colors and open the doors for the shiniest, glossiest and the most dazzling metallic hair colors that include both blondish, brownish and reddish hues. Here you are going to be amused by the fresh and healthy shine of the blonde, brown and red hair colors with the cool metallic touch in colors for 2019Copper Hair Color

Copper is one of the brightest metals with the astounding reddish hue in it. This is the best choice for redheads to want to refresh their ginger locks. It works well with pale to medium skin tones that have rosy undertones and compliments green eyes. Many celebrities have discovered its charm and beauty on their own hair. What about you?

Henna Hair Color and Its Shades

Want to color your hair permanently? Henna is a beneficial and beautiful option for those who prefer to keep their hair away from harsh chemicals and any kind of damages. Besides henna hair colors have several cute and natural-looking shades. It is made of a private bush, which basically grows in eastern countries. The natural shine of this hair color captures many brunettes and redheads. Henna provides hair with rich and vibrant hues, which sparkle beautifully under the rays of the sun.henna hair color 2019Hennas are believed to be the first hair dyes used since 3400 BC and continue to be among the best hair color for healthy and strong locks. Eastern women are known with their thick and stunning hair, which shines daintily due to the hues of henna. Henna can sometimes be combined with rhubarb chamomile, coffee, and indigo. When choosing a shade of henna one should also pay attention to its origins. For example, Egyptian and Pakistan henna provides hair with a weak orange-y hue, while Iranian henna provides with vibrant reddish shades.

Cool Ice Blonde Hair Colors

Among the trendy bleached blonde hair colors ice blonde has its special place. Who could ever imagine that such alight hair color that makes hair undergo deep bleaching will one day become so requested and popular. It’s the high time for you to discover the subtle and cool ice blonde hair color. Now we can’t remember who was the first to experiment with ice blonde but we can’t forget the best styles worn by Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Juliane Hough, Kristen Stewart and even Kim Kardashian who has tanned skin tone. It’s the same platinum blonde hair color that makes hair very tender and blonde hair colors 2019How to Get:

According to professional stylists and hair colorists platinum blonde is not a simple shade to play with. It demands special care and deep bleaching which means that your hair may get damaged. So, be careful and think twice before coloring your hair. Many women claim that after changing their haircut and hair color they start to live differently. There is a kind of truth in this idea as huge changes start with the smallest one.

Amazing Hair Color Combos for Everyone

Matte, monochrome and monotone hair colors are all tender and shiny, but there are crazy hair color combinations that look more attractive and fascinating. If you wish, you could have a unique and original look then start with your hair color. A cool combination is always ready to provide you with a stunning look. The unusual colors you choose for your hair speck about your delightful personality, way of thinking and the approach towards colors 2019There are zillions of ideas to use when it comes to hair colors. In order to create a glamorous look you should keep up with the fashion. So, check out these pictures of the latest hair color combination to use in 2019. There are both classic and elegant styles and quite bold or dramatic changes.

Best Hair Colors for Fair Skin 2019

Should you go for another hair color? Should you find the best shade for your locks? These questions first come in your mind when you are inspired by a trendy hair color. However, every stylist recommends to take into account several important factors before you change your natural hair color. It’s essential to consider your skin tone, eye hue, current hair color and of course the expected result.  If you have pale complexion then check out this guide to the best hair colors for fair colors for fair skin 2019Ash Blonde Hair Color for Fair Skin

Let’s start from the most natural-looking and neutral hair color for fair skin. It’s the light ash blonde with thin and subtle platinum blonde highlights, which provide with extra-shine. If this is all you need to enhance your natural charm then go ahead with alight blonde hair color like Adele. She always choose the best hair colors for her complexion and eye hue. The result is always delightful and feminine.

Stunning Celebrities in Brown Hair Colors

Brown hair color is perhaps the most elegant and “humble” hair color of all. All the light and dark shades of brown are so lovely, sweet, subtle, mysterious and attractive. They tend to make your hairstyle very healthy and shiny. Brown hair has millions of fans all over the world and the most amazing thing about it is that it can be glamorous even in natural effects. Today we will get our inspiration from the posh celebrities in brown hair colors. Keep your eyes on some of the best looks to try in 2019.celebrity brown hair colors 2019Bella Hadid Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Bella Hadid is one of the most beautiful brunette celebrities with light eyes and pale skin tone. She has worn many dark shades of brown but the natural-looking chestnut is the softest hair color that she has ever rocked. It goes well with her straight, thick medium to long hairstyles. The neutral shades of chestnut compliment her light eye and make them even subtler.

Multi-Tone Hair Colors and Braided Hairstyles

Not all hair colors look beautiful on braided hairstyles. Stylists tell that the most beautiful braids are achieved on blonde or red hair and the styles combined with darker hues don’t look clearer and more attractive. However, besides natural shades there are also crazy multi-tone hair colors, which look amazing on braided hairstyles. Breaking all the rules and stereotypes today, we will prove that the most beautiful braids are the ones matched with multi-tone hair colors.multi-tone braided hairstyles 2019Let’s first of all consider the factors that make multi-tone hair colors as the best options for plaits. So, when hair is dyed in several shades it needs to be displayed with particular flattering hairstyles. What do you need to do to bring out the beauty of your rainbow hair? Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind is a mixture of shades. Braids are the perfect ideas for such delightful looks. You take hair section by section and color by color and go ahead with a posh braided hairdo. Even the simplest fishtail or side braid looks gorgeous on rainbow hair.