Trendy Sombre Hair Colors for 2019

The ombre hair color is taken to the next level with more creative coloring techniques and hair styling solutions. We are not surprised with the natural-looking sombe hair color ideas for 2019. They are the biggest ombre hair trends among Hollywood stars and models.  It is the subtler version of the ombre that’s why colorists call it sombre. If you ask your stylist for a sombre hair, color he/she may say that it’s the same ombre. But believe in me there is a kind of difference between these two styles of the same category. Due to its more polished effect and perfectly matched shades, you get a fantastic hair color idea.sombre hair colors 2019Kenza Zouiten Sombre Hair Color

Celebrities like Kenza Zouiten wears soft blonde sombre hair color. If you have light brown locks and want to lighten it up, you can take this image with you to explain your stylist what you really want. This Swedish blogger rocks stunning hairstyles to highlight her beautiful long hair. The loose soft waves are her favorite styles.Kenza Zouiten sombre hair 2019Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Sombre Hair Color

Sombre can always provide you with the amazing rose gold effect if you use Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s styling approach. Her ash, brown and sometimes dark blonde locks always become glossy with golden tints and highlights. They go well with her warm yet light complexion and compliment her green eyes. Golden highlights come for help when you seek for shinier and more fascinating hairstyles. Just go for layers to get an amazing result.Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Sombre Hair Color 2019 Lea Michele Sombre Hair Color

Dark hair? Don’t worry, we know how to spice up. Have a look at our fabulous brunette Lea Michele who rocks sombre style on her dark base hair color. it flatters her brunette mane and looks ideal in the golden, caramel and honey combination of tints which have warm undertones and compliment her warm skin tone.Lea Michele Sombre Hair Color 2019Minka Kelly Sombre Hair Color

Instead of the fully ombre style Minka Kelly has pulled off a stunning sombre on her light brown hair. Her stylist has used honey and golden blonde mixture to frame her cute face with shiny attractiveness giving an illusion of a tender glow. It looks natural with her eyes and flawless skin.Minka Kelly Sombre Hair Color 2019Jessica Biel Sombre Hair Color

Unlike ombre hair colors sombre never brings out your grown out strands. It keeps everything harmonious and glamorous like in the case of Jessica Biel. She has combined two tones of the same brown hair color and the result is the natural looking sombre.Jessica Biel Sombre Hair Color 2019



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