Top Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Well, choosing the right color is not an easy task since it is a way to speak about your preferences and character features. Some women like to go for changes and pull off new and fresh shades while others prefer to stay in the same style for a while. Below I have selected some top hair colors for 2019 that are currently in trend too. If you feel like changing something, then consider wearing one of these shades. By the way, try to consult with your colorist to know whether the shade you have chosen works with your complexion or not.Top Hair Color Ideas for 2019Grown Blonde Brown Hair

This design will always be popular since it provides with an ultra-feminine look. Like many two-tone hair colors this one is also incredible. Below you can see an excellent hairdo that requires mixing brown blonde shades to have a glamorous and chic hairstyle appropriate for any season of the year.  Waves will help you to show off sumptuous color combo.Grown Blonde Brown HairWhite Platinum Long Strands

Metallic shades are totally in demand since they guarantee a unique and mind-blowing hairdo for all occasions. Platinum blonde is not an exception too. However this shade needs some shadowing to pop and an ash blonde is an excellent base for this amazing color. This color combination looks the best on long strands but short hair owners also can rock it.White Platinum Long StrandsBlack and Subtle Brown Hair

Well, solid black may have a monotone and boring look without some clever solutions. So, to spice it up and break the monotone touch of the strands you can go for brown highlights. Brown and black streaks perfectly blend into each other to create a gorgeous hairdo. You can achieve this look by placing some smart brown highlights throughout your black hair. To showcase the shades, go for waves.Black and Subtle Brown HairHoney Blonde Hair

Pictures like this always serve as a good source of inspiration. Warm colors are meant to brighten up our look and provide us with positive feelings. In this particular design the cinnamon, caramel and honey blonde shades have been combined to create gorgeous hues that are welcomed in all seasons off the year.Honey Blonde HairRed Hair

Here is an option for ladies who have always wanted to be a redhead. It is a relatively darker shade that is trendy as well. This mahogany red hue is an excellent option for brunettes. Your cascading down strands will put the rich shade on display. To add even more sophistication to the style, go for waves.Red Hair



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