Top 10 Dip Dye Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Well, dip dye strands is one of the hottest trends that has literally flooded the internet. Dip dye coloring technique provides a unique and mind-blowing look regardless of the hair color, natural texture and hair length. The hot colors produced by this technique can instantly transform your entire look. Unlike ombre dip dye can be achieved right at home. However the choice of shades is pretty important. If you are searching for good ideas then check out top 10 dip dye hair color ideas for 2019.Top 10 Dip Dye Hair Color Ideas for 2019Blue on Black

Dip dye is actually being done in natural bright colors applied to the tips of the strands. If you have short strands start the color much higher. Well, below you can see an attractive teal hue that fits gorgeously when paired with dark shades such as jet black. Teal is the best option when you want something sharper and edgier. However you will still need to bleach the tips.Blue on Black dip dye hair Hot Pink

Bright pink is great for any season of the year. It is not a secret that some girls are really fascinated by pinks plus compared with other unnatural shades pink is very easy to obtain regardless of your natural hair color. Bright pink can be blended into numerous natural hair colors.  pink dip dye hair for 2019

Subtle Hues

You can add life to your dull, drab hair by using this technique. In this case you don’t need to stray too far from your natural shade to have a sophisticated look. This style can be the best example and it is great for those who are not ready to go for drastic changes. To achieve this look, you will need to add a dark burgundy shade that the dark base.burgundy hues dip dye Grey Strands

This edgy yet super feminine look speaks about the wearer’s character features and strong personality. The unexpected combination of green and grey has been achieved by dip dye technique. If you have already had bleached hair then it will be pretty easy to introduce green or any other hue that you love.grey and green dip dye hair Tones of Purple

Both blue and purple are the hottest trends of the season and they make a great choice in ombre and dip dye pattern. Purple tones are fantastic when you want to get an edgier and cooler style. However purples can be perfectly incorporated with dark brown and black tones.purple dip dye hair Red and Orange Tones

When you know what exactly you want to, the rest is becoming easier. This sophisticated and feminine look has been achieved by blending tones of red and orange. The look is ridiculously gorgeous on natural brown shade. So you can get a bright shade while maintaining your brown hue.Red and Orange TonesBrown Purple Hair

Here is a style for girls who are looking for a vivid contrast. The brown color fades into a royal purple and makes the wearer stand out. I have already mentioned that purple is a classic and elegant hue that works will almost with all brown shades. And it flatters all skin tones.brown purple hair Pastel Dip Dye

If you are looking for that “wow” look then this style is what you need. In this design the pastel shades have been combined to compliment the natural hair color. This particular look is both classy and sassy. However the pastels lighten things up. To finish the design, style the tips of your strands in gorgeous waves.Pastel Dip DyeGrey Purple Hair

If you want to upgrade your gorgeous grey strands then add purple dip dye ends for a cool accent. Purple tips will definitely take your look to a top notch and give a modern touch to your casual headdress.  Grey Purple Hair



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