Magenta Hair Color Ideas for 2019

When you decide to play with bold shades such as magenta you need to know the level of maintenance. Unnatural hair colors are not for women who don’t have time for their strands. However there are various shades of magenta that you can choose from. Make sure that the shade you have chosen perfectly works with your complexion. Actually magenta shade is a mix of blue, purple and red. Most of the magenta hues are pretty bright so before coloring your strands check out these pictures of magenta hair color ideas for 2019 and get inspired from.        Magenta Hair Color Ideas for 2019Magenta Color with Dark Roots

You can rock these eye-popping pink strands in formal sittings. The most important thing is to let the color make a statement. In a word the choice of the headdress is pretty important. This classic chignon with subtle elements is the most fabulous form for a bright color. It brings out the beauty of the dark roots and creates a gorgeous contrast. Keep in your mind that chignons are more flattering with tendrils at the front.Magenta Color with Dark RootsMessy Bun and Magenta Shade

Magenta shade works for dark and blonde hair and it flatters both dark and fair skin tones. You can go for full magenta or keep the roots dark. Here you can see that this shade has been used all over the head and it perfectly complements this messy yet sexy bun. It is a casual and relaxed style that can be matched with casual outfits. Just pull your hair up and tie with a simple elastic band. So easy!Messy Bun and Magenta ShadeOmbre Braid

Choosing a color is not an easy task- not only you do have to processes your hair multiple times but also keep it fresh which is particularly important for dark hair. If you are not ready for it then consider wigs. No one will guess it is a wig or your real strands. This allows you to experiment with various styles without too much work. It is your time to shine and have fun with bright shades.Ombre BraidEdgy Cornrows

When you blend edginess and prettiness the result happens to be a cool girl style. This example can be the best inspiration for you. It involves soft pastel lilac with vibrant violet roots. To showcase the gorgeous shades you just need to create straight back braids. This style can be rocked everywhere- from first date to crazy parties.   Edgy CornrowsMagenta Hair Color for Braids

All women want to be different and no one wants to blend in on her big day. Even if you have decided to wear a traditional white dress you can still pop wearing a magenta hued hairstyle. You can make it special by using gorgeous flowers and any other accessory that softens the overall look. It is the best way to make a fashion statement on your big day.      Magenta Hair Color for Braids



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