Jourdan Dunn Hair Colors for Black Women 2019

Jourdan Dunn is a famous British model with flawless and shiny dark skin and beautiful, sparkling dark eyes. She is an inspiring brunette who wears trendy hair colors and gives new ideas on how to look prettier if you have black skin tone. Today many copy her style and looks and do their best to embrace their charm with the tips and tricks she uses in her casual life. Now we are here to inspire black women to copy Jourdan Dunn’s best hair colors for 2019. Here are the trendiest looks.JOURDAN DUNN hair colors 2019Jourdan Dunn Dirty Blonde Hair Color

When black women think of lightening up their dark hair they first of all consider the dirty blonde. Among all blonde shades dirty blonde is the most popular one that goes well with dark skin. So, Jourdan has tried it out on her long straight hair. The result is very subtle and soft. It allows her to display her charming eyes and dark tone.JOURDAN DUNN dirty blonde hair color 2019Jourdan Dunn Golden Brown Hair Color

We often meet the golden brown as a trendy hair color on runways and on fashion magazines. It is really one of the best shades for brunettes to pull off in 2019. If you choose this hair color, you will create warm and glossy look like Jourdan Dunn. Golden brown is perfect for long and thick hair and tends to look natural with warm and tanned skin tones.JOURDAN DUNN golden brown hair color 2019Jourdan Dunn Caramel Hair Color Combo

Light and dark caramel highlights all over brown hair look very rich and delightful. Even short haircuts become cooler and trendier with caramel shades. Everyone knows how dainty these tints look on wavy hairstyles. Jourdan Dunn’s short bob is an ideal hairstyle for many dark-skinned ladies. Thanks to the light and dark tones of the same hair color, the result is well-balanced.JOURDAN DUNN caramel highlights 2019Jourdan Dunn Dark Ombre Hair Color

If you want another trendy hair color idea for your short bob haircut, here is Jourdan’s cute dark ombre hairstyle. In spite of the fact that the haircut is quite short the ombre effect is ideally reflected on it. It’s easy to get a lovely ombre hair color on short hair if it’s naturally dark.  Jourdan Dunn dark ombre hair color 2019Jourdan Dunn Dark Honey Highlights

You see how many experiments Jourdan does with her short bob cut? She loves to display its structure and beauty with new and fresh hair colors. Here she is with dark honey highlights. Stylists claim the honey shades are perfect for olive, tanned and dark skin tones. They look shiny and appealing on dark base hair colors.JOURDAN DUNN dark honey highlights 2019




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