Hair Color Ideas for 2019: New York Fashion Week Street Looks

What fancy and glamorous women prefer to wear on the street doesn’t much differ from the runway looks as they always follow the latest trends and opt for the latest hair colors. This time we’ll discover the most attractive street looks and their hair colors ideas for 2019. You will be amused by the tendency of some of the unusual shades that women rock on the streets of New York. Well, let’s check them out together and think of a new hair color for colors 2019Trend #1 Granny Hair Color

The first hair color trend that we often see on the streets of New York is the granny hair. Women reasonably change their blonde, brunette or even red hair into natural-looking shades of grey to soften their hair colors. grey hair color trend 2019Though, this shade requires deep bleaching but the statistics show that many more ladies go for silver hair colors. It grabs attention and goes well with all complexions. Only choose the most suitable hue for your skin. You can even create granny ombre style keeping the roots a little bit dark.grey hair on street fashion 2019Trend #2 Red Hair Color

The amazing influence of the rich red hair color palette is seen on every corner of the city. It is one of the most popular bright hair colors with its dark and light hues. Among the trendiest red shades you can see burgundy, copper and fiery reds. These are shiny, vibrant and healthy hair colors for different skin tones. They tend to make you stand out in the crowded New York hair color 2019

red hair color for 2019Trend #3 Platinum Blonde Hair Color

It goes without saying that platinum blonde has become the most requested blonde hue in salons. It is perhaps the most angelic and soft blonde tint that allows you to look so attractive and innocent at the same time. Of course, natural-blondes wear the platinum easier and more effortlessly than brown-haired women and redheads, as like the granny hair trend it also demands deep bleaching.platinum blonde hair new yourk fashion street for 2019

platinum blonde hair new yourk fashion street 2019Trend #4 Natural Brown Hair Color

Keep your brown hair in its natural shade or go for a natural-looking brown hue to look like a real brunette. Now we welcome the hues of brown which are closer to the most ravishing natural brunette shades and tend to look as subtle as possible with the help of natural hairstyles. Light and dark browns with all the chestnut and chocolate shades are waiting for you in 2019.natural brunette hair 2019

natural brunette hair for 2019Trend #5 Ombre Hair Color

You may think that ombre has done its job and has nothing more to offers in 2019 but look at these examples. The latest ombre hair colors are either too light or too contrasting. Instead of the classic ombre shades, stylish women of New York go for pastel ombre or very eye-catching ombre combinations. Nowadays you have more freedom when it comes to the lovely ombre style. Create your own and become a trendsetter in the city. We cannot help waiting for your next cool transformation.ombre hair on street 2019

ombre hair on street for 2019



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