Glowing Neon Hair Colors for 2019

Well, today we have come up with an absolutely new hair trend- glowing neon hair. It is the latest trend that is gaining popularity day by day. The effect of glowing neon is possible to see only in the dark. Like many other trends this on also has been spotted on the Instagram. It was first popularized by Guy Tang. However you need to be careful about this new trend, since it requires a generous amount of skills. If you are interested in it and you want to know more about glowing neon hair colors for 2019 then go on reading.Glowing Neon Hair Colors for 2019How to get it: Well, to get it right, you will need to follow Guy’s explanations. According to him you can get this color by bleaching your strands to light blonde and then introducing crazy neon shades such as fuchsia, red, orange, yellow and etc. When the hair is bleached incredibly light, the colors take full saturation and give the best glowing effect. While experimenting with this trend, he has used the colors in an ombre pattern to create glowing Phoenix hair look. As I have already mentioned the glowing effect can be seen only in the night, in normal light you will have a rainbow-like hairstyle.

neon hair

neon hair

Neon Color Melt

This statement hair is meant to grab attention and always keep you in the center of attention. The glowing neon hair is ridiculously gorgeous and it will provide a mega glow in the dark. However this effect can be seen only in the night and in normal light you will have crazy rainbow hair. When it comes to styling, you can wear the simplest hairdos and still have a sophisticated look because the color effect is everything.Neon Color Melt hairPhoenix Hair

This look has been created by Guy Tang. It is possible to achieve it by mixing bright and deep pink, red, yellow, orange and fuchsia colors. These shades have been designed beautifully to light up the things. Well, the colors are bright in the day and supernaturally bright at night. So, it takes some courage to wear a hair like this.Phoenix HairGreen Neon Hair

It is not necessary to sport rainbow shades when you can rock a single color. This asymmetrical bob has been paired with bangs and a beautiful color. Everything about this style is flawless! It is a headdress to make you stand out from the crowd.Green Neon HairGlowing Neon Hair

What about this option? The blues, lavenders and grays work well together and brightly green highlights add some detail to the style. It is an excellent look for your next party!Glowing Neon Hair



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