Emma Stone’s Trendy Hair Colors for 2019

Actress Emma Stone is one of the beauties who can easily pull off any hair color both light and dark. She looks seductive and mysterious in deep and dark shades and becomes more than angelic in light hues. Below we have collected Emma Stone’s trendy hair colors for 2019. Although Emma is a natural blonde she beautifully wears deep auburn and copper shades.Emma Stone hair colors 2019Emma Stone Light Blonde Hair Color

The cute and subtle hairstyles worn by Emma Stone become more exquisite with the help of light blonde hair colors and lighter highlights. She wears thin and slicing highlights in sun-kissed and platinum blonde tints. They go well with her light complexion and green eyes.Emma Stone light blonde hair color 2019Emma Stone Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Is there any trendy blonde shade that Stone hasn’t tried? Perhaps no. She rocks blonde hair colors just in time and so beautifully. Strawberry blonde is her ultimate blonde hue that warms up her light complexion. She feels the summer sunny touch on her own hair due to the monotone strawberry blonde hue.Emma Stone strawberry blonde hair color 2019Emma Stone Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

When dark roots became trendy, Emma was one of the first celebs who pulled it off with blonde tresses. Now her blonde hair with dark roots is on the top lists of trendy hair color combinations. This is the mini ombre effect that keeps the top part warm and the tips cooler. The created contrast is completed with straight hairstyle and blunt bangs.Emma Stone blonde hair with dark roots 2019Emma Stone Copper Hair Color

The signature copper hair color is one of my favorite shades represented by Emma Stone. She inspires many women with her bright and glamorous reddish hues, which bring out her skin tone and light eyes. This hair color brightens up her face and gives her the opportunity to wear retro hairstyles with retro makeups.Emma Stone copper hair color 2019Emma Stone Deep Auburn Hair Color

If black and dark brown hair colors are too much for Emma Stone deep auburn is a perfect hair color for her cool skin. She looks stunning and attractive in this hair color and her thin hair becomes thicker and richer-looking. Overall, deep auburn highlights her real beauty and creates a vampy appearance.Emma Stone deep auburn hair color 2019If you have such skin tone and light eyes as Emma Stone you can try one of these hair colors in 2019 as they are not only beautiful with col complexions but also bring the desired trendy touch. You will feel yourself more confident and gorgeous in these glam shades.



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