Dark Hair with Bombshell Blonde Highlights for 2019

Dark hair looks prettier with soft blonde highlights. However not every shade and highlighting style goes well with brunette locks. That’s why we have collected the trendiest and the most delightful bombshell blonde highlights for dark hair for 2019. Check them out and get a new idea on how to beautify your dark mane. Don’t forget about hair color and skin tone matching.blonde highlights for dark hair 2019Blonde Balayage Highlights for Dark Hair

The perfect effect of the balayage is created with the help of dark base shade and blonde highlights. This is the mixed ombre style that brings our blonde highlights on the surface of dark brown hair. The roots, however, are in their dark tone. due to its unique technique balayage highlights look natural and very soft on wavy hairstyles. They provide you with the stunning bombshell look.blonde balayage highlights for dark hair 2019Blonde Ombre Highlights for Dark Hair

A simpler approach towards dark and light hair color combos is the classic ombre style. If you want to get a glamorous look as well as to lighten up your hair at the tips then go ahead with blonde ombre highlights. Those who have short haircuts will add a visual length to their strands thanks to the light tones at the tips.  blonde ombre highlights for dark hair 2019Chunky Blonde Highlights for Dark Hair

Pay attention to the cool mixture of the dark brown with blonde highlights. It creates an illusion of a richer and stronger hairstyle even in simple updo hairdos. Chunky blonde highlights added on the top part of dark hair tend to soften and lighten up your shade. They add a bit of shine and attractiveness. You will easily take your hairstyle to the next level.chunky blonde highlights for dark hair 2019Blonde Sombre Highlights for Dark Hair

Welcome 2019 with warm and tender sombre hair color matching your dark shade with sun-kissed blonde highlights. You can even blend several shades of blonde to get a flattering tone for your brown locks. Sombre is my favorite style as it ideally provides my hair with the bombshell touch. It’s stunning on long layered and loose wavy hairstyles.blonde sombre highlights 2019Warm Blonde Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Feel the sunny touch on your dark brown hair with the help of this yellowish and sun-kissed blonde hue. lately there was an inspiring video of a stylish girl who has died half of her locks in brown and the other half in a blonde hair color. It was so creative that she looked like a real blonde and real brunette at the same time. You can do the same with bombshell blonde highlights.  bright blonde highlights for dark hair 2019



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