Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Golden strands between blonde and brunette are gorgeous! It is the best way to add some extra dimension and depth to sun-faded locks. If you have a vibrant hair color it will speak itself and you don’t need any major makeup accents. Dark blonde shade is one of the most popular hair trends. This hue is great for any season of the year and it will help you to darken your light shade but still having the hint of blonde into your strands.  Dark Blonde Hair Color IdeasBlonde Hair with the Hint of Silver

The best way to switch up beachy hair is to add a silvery-grey hue to monotone blonde. It will darken your blonde in a soft yet striking way. With this rich hair color you will really get much attention. However you will need a professional colorist to help you achieve this tone. I am sure you will never regret upgrading your blonde strands with silver-grey hues.Blonde Hair with the Hint of SilverMilky Blonde and Chocolate Tone

When brunette and blonde tones are being combined they create a magnificent natural-looking appearance. The best example you can see below, where the colorist has used chocolate brown to upgrade the milky blonde hair. These jewel shades are totally in trend and will give your hair an extra pop.Milky Blonde and Chocolate ToneBrown-Blonde Hair

Diane Kruger has a gorgeous brown-blonde hair that brings out the beauty of her skin complexion. As you see the brown hue beautifully transitions into blonde tone. Apart from the beautiful color combo she also has a face framing hairdo. She has left some beautiful streaks at the front to add a dramatic touch to the look.Brown Blonde HairStrawberry Blonde with Darker Roots

If you have a warm strawberry shade of blonde with dark roots it will have a more sophisticated look. It is an ideal way to have a touch of dark and light tones into your strands. If you want to have a complete look, try to go for a layered cut, since it will provide you with a gorgeous face frame.Strawberry Blonde with Darker RootsDark Blonde with Reddish Undertones

The best thing about dark blonde hair is that you can work with many other shades to create a unique look. Here the colorist used red undertones to take the look a top notch. Due to the red undertones, this blonde locks get a more dynamic and vibrant appearance. To showcase these incredible tones you may style your locks strands into beach waves.Dark Blonde with Reddish UndertonesLowlights and Highlights

Dark and light lowlights and highlights are meant to create a spiffy contrasting look. However the lowlights and highlights will keep your coloring from looking flat. This technique always comes in handy when you don’t know how to freshen up your look.Lowlights and Highlights



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