Bright Red Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Want to steal a spotlight? Well, you need to see these bright red hair color ideas for 2019. You are going to have fire into your strands but this time you will not need to call emergency vehicles. Bright red shade is for those who know how to have fun and enjoy the bright sides of the life. Whether you are looking for sparkling jewel-like colors, such as ruby, or you want to go for neon shades, there is definitely something for you. Today you will see the most beautiful bright red headdresses that are styled in various ways.Bright Red Hair Color Ideas for 2019Neon Red Hair

The tendency of wearing neon shades is growing day by day. Be that neon green, yellow or red, you are going to draw attention. Neon shades stand out with their vibrancy and radiance. However, it is important to consider your skin complexion before going for any neon hue. Thus this particular red flatters cool skin complexions and brings out the beauty of eye color.Neon Red Hair Strawberry Red Hair

This delicious color is good enough to eat. It is for those who cannot decide between strawberry blonde and red shades. The strawberry red tone is great for those who have pale skin complexions. However a shimmering strawberry tone like this one will definitely grace you with a feminine and gorgeous look. Though, it doesn’t look so unnatural like other bright shades of red. Strawberry Red Hair Scarlet Red Hair

I have already mentioned that red is a color to grab attention and this model’s lock definitely gets your attention. To have a color like this, you need to ask your stylist fir a bright scarlet hue as all over, from top to bottom. The long strands have been beautifully straightened. This is the best way to put the shade on display. However, it compliments both tanned and cool skin complexions.Scarlet Red Hair Blood Orange Hair

Red is a shade that is being used to express your feelings and emotions. To color the model’s hair, the colorist used a gorgeous combination of red and orange tones. These colors produce a beautiful headdress that has an incredible shine. To add more drama the stylist finished off the look with messy and voluminous curls. Gorgeous Maroon Melt

This is another shade of red that is equally gorgeous. The models strands begin in a dark rosewood tone. Over it a shiny maroon shade has been used to add layers of magnificent red color. By the way to achieve a sophisticated look like this, the colorist opted for a balayage technique. With color such as this one you don’t need to think of the stylist finished off the look with messy and voluminous curls.Gorgeous Maroon Melt



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