Blonde-Black Hair Color Trends for 2019

Two-tone hair color trend is popular right now and seems to be here to stay. Two-tone hair trend allows you to experiment with two different shades at the same time. Well, whatever your choice will be, today our post is about blonde-black hair color trends for 2019. Both blonde and black shades are natural, so when they are being combined the result happens to be incredible and eye-catching. Anyway, the final look is based on the technique you use to apply these shades. Whether you believe or not but blonde-black hues allow you to go bold.Blonde Black Hair Color Trends for 2019Two-Tone Hair: Classic Look

This is the most classic and elegant way of rocking tow-tone hair. Victoria Secret’s popular angel Lily Aldrige sports a subtle and soft two-tone look in which the transition from dark to light gives a natural and exquisite result. In this particular style the visible tinny color line is appealing. It adds some texture and movement to the strands. Well, for a simple styling you can go for tousled waves. By the way this look is incredible for ladies who want to have a hint of blonde without going to light. Note that it is a low-maintenance look and doesn’t require regular touchups.lily aldridge blonde black hairTwo-Tone Blonde and Black Strands

Well, the options are versatile you just need to make sure which look you want to rock. The blend of blonde and black can really provide with a different look if you know exactly what you want. Popular actress Drew Barrymore sports a gorgeous two-tone look and gives us another idea of rocking blonde and black shades. The distinct color change from dark to light looks pretty cool. The middle parting and loose free flowing locks perfectly demonstrate the color blend adding some dimension to the look. The best thing about this look is that you don’t have to attend regular “root touchup” sessions.drew barrymore blonde black hairHalf and Half Black and Blonde Strands

It is for those who like to stand out in the crowd and make a bold statement. It is a typical split-dye job that requires wearing blonde on the left and black on the right. If you decide to try this alternative color trend you will definitely grab too much attention. With the right hair accessory and attitude this look will just boost your confidence. Anyway ask your stylist for this look!Half and Half Black and Blonde StrandsDip Dyed Blonde Black Hair

Another way to sport blonde and black hair is to go for dip dye job. You can keep the base lighter and apply darker shade on the tips of the strands. The dip dyed effect is pretty visible. Anyway most of girls are in love with this look. So, if you love it you can also adopt it.Dip Dyed Blonde Black Hair



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