Black Hair Ombre Ideas for 2019

Black ombre is super classy, elegant and chic. But before wearing your black ombre you should know whether it is going to suit you or not. Well, in case if you have dark hair, you may try black fades into browns, reds or even blondes. Long hair is a great canvas for ombre designs but that doesn’t mean shorter hair wearers can’t rock it. The natural dark and brown hair can transition to any color including pastels, neons and other bright and hues depending on your preferences. The best thing about dark ombre is that you don’t have to worry about growing out roots. Check the following black hair ombre ideas for 2019 and choose the hue that you like the most.Black Hair Ombre Ideas for 2019Dark Ombre with Caramel

Black ombre also can mimic those sun-kissed locks that most of girls desire to have. Caramel hue makes a great pair with dark shade. It is the best solution for ladies who want to lighten up their natural strands without any other extreme tint. However you will not meet troubles why re-creating this design since it is one of the cutest natural-looking ombres that are easy to achieve.Dark Ombre with CaramelSubtle Dark Ombre

If you prefer natural looks such as black and brown ombre, consider this option. It will mimic the natural look of lighter tips and dark roots. This is an absolutely low-maintenance ombre design that doesn’t require regular touchups.  These neutral and natural shades flatter almost all skin tones. It is the best way to upgrade your dark strands.Subtle Dark OmbreBlack Hair with Light Tips

Here is another dark ombre inspiration for all stylish ladies out there. This ombre style is great for those who want to introduce a little more edge to it.  It allows you to rock dark black and platinum blonde shades at the same time. However if you are a brunette you will need to go for bleaching. But the final result is really worth it. Find a good stylist who can perfectly bleach the tips of your strands to apply platinum blonde shade.Black Hair with Light TipsFuchsia Ombre for Black Hair

Are you looking for that “wow” factor? Well, after wearing this particular ombre style all will be stunned by your unique and gorgeous look. It is the most striking way to go for a burgundy ombre. If you are a female with cool skin complexion, you will look best with red purples but in case if you have warm skin tone you should try something that has a hint of orange.Fuchsia Ombre for Black HairDark Ombre with Sandy Hues

This style is completely on trend. To achieve this look you will need to ask your colorist to add a sandy caramel shade on your bleached tips. It is pretty flattering shade for dark hair and light skin tone. Girls with darker skin complexion can experiment with golden brown hues. There are ideas for women with different complexions.Dark Ombre with Sandy Hues



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