Auburn Hair Colors for 2019

Auburn is a versatile shade that allows you to go for various experiments. Be that balayage highlights or ombre pattern, there is always a choice for you. You can go either lighter or darker shade of auburn depending on your skin tone, eye color and natural texture. Below you can see some auburn hair color for 2019 that are just amazing! Auburn Inspired Hair Colors for 2019Long Auburn Layers

Redheads break all the rules! They combine their red shade with various hairdos. However, if you are a redhead then you can be sure of drawing attention. The red shade allows you to go either bold or stay subtle and feminine. This model is wearing a deep auburn hue on her long layered haircut. Both the color and the layers add some depth and dimension to the strands. This color provides an elegant look that can be worn in formal sittings too. Long Auburn LayersTousled Hair with Auburn Highlights

Balayage technique is meant to provide natural sun-kissed highlights. It is not necessary to go for full auburn if you don’t want to. Hair highlights may spice up your style and take your look to a top notch. Play off with this shade by dyeing your tips in varying hues of medium red and strawberry blonde. This model perfectly demonstrates the highlights and inspires ladies who want to experiment with auburn.Tousled Hair with Auburn HighlightsAuburn Hair with a Center Part

Well, it is not a secret that long waves are just romantic particularly when paired with a right color. The gorgeous auburn tone tends to make hair fresh and strong. This particular design is the best option that will frame your face with attractiveness. To style the locks draw a simple center part and you are ready to rock. The auburn shade will help you get rid of dull and plain hairdos.Auburn Hair with a Center PartAuburn Balayage Hair

Here the honey blonde warms dark hair and perfectly blends with auburn streaks. The colorist should use balayage technique to achieve a look like this. The best thing about balayage is that it gives extra dimension to the fine locks and makes them appear more dimensional. The lavishing auburn tone accessorizes medium-length waves and gives them even more attractive touch. With a right chosen hair color you will never go wrong.Auburn Balayage HairDeep Chocolate Auburn

Chocolate auburn is a dark shade that tends to take on a purplish tone. This is a great style for women who crave a bit of edge but can’t go for brighter or too much unnatural shades. This tone is pretty vibrant and it is a way to make a statement. By the way spiffy waves will come in handy when you want to showcase the shade.Deep Chocolate Auburn



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