2019 White and Platinum Blonde Hair Colors

White and platinum blonde is meant to provide with a super light hair color. It is a smart choice by women with cool skin undertones. Platinum and blonde shades are great to update your dirty blonde hair and brighten up your overall look. These two shades will never ever make your look boring or plain. However, they can be used as solid, all over hair color or applied as a highlight, balayage or ombre. Below you will see some ideas with white and platinum blonde hair colors for 2019 that are pretty inspiring.2019 Hair Colors with White and Platinum Blonde Hair  Gorgeous Blonde Curls

These ridiculously gorgeous white highlights are the best spice of the shoulder length waves. It is the best option for multi-dimensional blonde hair. It is a high-maintenance look that requires regular touchups otherwise the blonde will not look super fresh. The shadowy roots pop up and give an extra charm to the strands. At least you don’t have to worry about grown out roots.Gorgeous Blonde Curls Upscale Blonde Ombre

Here is another stunning example of platinum silver strands that work really well with black roots. Well, it is a typical ombre hair that requires creating a gorgeous transition from dark to ultra light shade. The contrast between light and dark shades is striking. If you want to know what it feels like to rock fairytale hair then this one can be the greatest choice for you.Upscale Blonde OmbreSilver White on Long Bob Hair

This headdress is totally awesome from the top to the bottom. The brown base has been professionally highlighted by platinum white that seamlessly blends with the darker color. What can perfectly display the beauty of the shades rather than a bob haircut?  As bob with blunt tips is a great canvas for this color particularly if you have straight hair.Silver White on Long Bob HairBlonde Balayage Hair

It is another look that has been achieved with the help of balayage technique. Subtle platinum highlights start near the roots and melt into ash blonde. A right chosen cut also helps to show off the beauty of color combo. The layers create lift and provide with an extra volume and body. However, if you have thin hair you can make it appear thicker with a hairstyle like this.Blonde Balayage Hair Platinum and Purple Curls

These platinum strands are just irresistible. It involves placing some violet highlights throughout platinum blonde hair. The violet shade is barely visible but it adds a feminine touch to the overall look. Soft curls or ringlets seem so natural and touchable. This hairstyle can be paired with any outfit. I am sure everyone will be amazed by your locks.Platinum and Purple Curls



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