2019 In-Demand Hair Colors from LA Salons

Today we have done our own research about the latest hair color trends represented by popular hair salons in LA. Well, it’s always interesting to know about new trends that take place in the different corners of the world. So, what’s new in LA’s hair color trends? While this fall was all about embracing radiant hair colors by applying sombre, babylights and balayage, this winter is all about finding a modern well-blended tone. Consider pulling off golden, strawberry blonde hues paired with perfect roots. If you want to know more, check out our post about 2019 hair colors from LA salons.2019 In Demand Hair Colors from LA Salons Copper Hair

This color can be described as bold red. However it requires careful blending and the right tonal variation to make it modern, vibrant and feminine. The roots are kept slightly darker and natural so the “grow out” can be bearable. In case if you want to re-create this look, ask your colorist for a coppery red with dimension and bright red and orange undertones. You will need to opt for sulfate-free shampoos preventing fading since this hue is involved into unnatural shades.copper hair Strawberry Blonde

Ask for a copper, strawberry blonde with dimension. It is a copper-based shade that looks soft and subtle. Consider keeping the tips lighter, dimensional and rooted. Sulfate- free shampoos and rich conditioners will help you to maintain the color longer. Once the color is achieved, attend regular retouch appointments.Strawberry Blonde Platinum Blonde Hair

It is an icy, white blonde hair that isn’t easy to maintain if you don’t have natural light hair color. The secret of achieving this shade is to introduce ashy undertones. However, as soon as you get your dream color try to keep it looking fresh and healthy- pick up a treatment too. A deep-conditioning product is used for damaged and dehydrated hair. According to the colorists, you will need to go for root touchups every three or four weeks.Platinum Blonde Hair Champagne Blonde Hair

Bright blonde comes in many shades including a slightly-warmer version of platinum blonde. For this look you will need to ask your colorist for all-over solid champagne blonde. It requires bleaching your strands achieve it. By the way don’t forget to protect your hair by using heat protectants before thermal styling.champagne blonde hair Brown hair with Caramel Ends

For this headdress, ask for a warm brown base with sun-kissed caramel tips. Many brunettes don’t want highlights because of those chunky strips that start at the root. But these highlights accentuate the cut and introduce some interest into brown strands. The base color has been kept natural while the tips are balayaged.Brown hair with Caramel Ends



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