Best Hair Color Combinations for Grey Hair

Granny hair is more than fashionable these days. It has become not only common and popular but also quite interesting in its shades and gradual dark to light changes. Nowadays many more stylish women dye their locks in silver shades and prove that it’s no more granny style but a real trend for 2019. Before silver hair was the most ignored one in the rich hair color palette. Today, it’s the most requested hue. Since we have already done with all the hues and tones of grey in our previous article we will discuss the latest hair color combinations for grey hair special for those who look for alternatives or more creative styles.  grey hair colors 2019Grey Ombre Hair Color

The most popular hair color combo that you can create with grey locks is the ombre style. It allows you to match dark roots with lighter tips, so you can opt for dark and light grey hair colors. Dye the roots in a dark shade of grey and bleach out the tips into light silver hue. This will provide you with a two-tone hair color and will make your hair trendier.grey ombre hair color 2019Grey Hair with Lavender Highlights

Tender lavender shade or the popular pastel purple hair color is once o the most suitable hues for grey hair. It goes well both with light and dark grey hair colors and looks astounding on waves and curls. This combination is often chosen by Hollywood stars, celebrities, actors and singers. It adds a kind of warmth to grey locks making them subtler and softer.grey hair with lavender highlights 2019Grey Hair with Dip Die Tips

If you have long hair and want to experiment with a new hair highlighting style then go ahead with dip dye tips. Warm up your silver or grey hair with any pastel shade dying only the tips of the hair. Consult with your hair colorist to opt for the best hue of pastel matching your current gray hair color.  grey hair with dip dye tips 2019Grey-Turquoise Hair Color

Pravana Guest Artist Maria Santana is the talented creator of the sparkling grey-turquoise hair color. This grey-silver shade is perfectly on-trend. It is astounding on long curls and tends to bring out the marine touch. Turquoise is a dark hair color and therefore it looks beautiful with gray strands. Due to its multi-tone effect, it provides hair with additional richness and depth. You can match it with green eyes and light to olive skin tones.grey-turquoise hair color 2019



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