2019 New Hair Trend with Rainbow Roots

Are you ready to meet a new hair trend for 2019? Well, you will definitely love it, if you are obsessed with rainbow colors. This new style hits the salons and tends to be even more popular in upcoming seasons. If you are not brave enough to go all pastel, but you still want to rock them, then color only the roots of your hair. However it will provide you with an edgy and bold appearance, since the color of the roots and the rest of hair create a beautiful contrasting look. So the main purpose of this technique is to color your roots with various candy-pastel shades.2019 New Hair Trend with Rainbow Roots Grey Hair and Rainbow Roots

It is not a secret that grey-silver tones are totally in and it is a good option for any season of the year. Though, if you have already had a monotone grey hair you can update it with rainbow roots. This unexpected yet trendy way of rocking rainbow shades will make people take a second glance. Thus these sumptuous colors have been worn on a bob haircut.Grey Hair and Rainbow RootsWhitish Blonde with Violet Roots

The rainbow roots are meant to provide you with a more interesting and sophisticated look. If you don’t know how to rock rainbow roots on your whitish blonde hair then you should have a look at this example. The sweet violet hue has been professionally placed on the roots of white blonde strands. The contrast created by the shades is just incredible and it speaks off the wearer’s strong personality.whitish-blonde-with-violet-rootsBlack Hair with Blue Roots

While going for rainbow roots it is not necessary to change the color of your natural hair, since there are shades for all ladies out there. This dark-haired model has blue roots that accessorize her monotone black hair. However, you can achieve this look with the help of hair chalks. Choose your favorite color and paint the roots using simple colorful chalks.Black Hair with Blue RootsPink Hair with Purple Roots

The best way to highlights your bright pink hair is to go for purple roots. It is the best way to replace your natural black roots with something unique. It is not a secret that bright and vibrant hair colors look even better with darker roots, though keeping it the same may seem a bit tiring. In this hairstyle the purple shade covers the dark roots and creates a spiffy two-tone hair color.Pink Hair with Purple RootsPlatinum Blonde with Rainbow Roots

Well rainbow shades are easy to achieve on platinum blonde since you don’t need to go for bleaching sessions. Here the model has upgraded her platinum blonde bob with pink and purple roots. The design is pretty eye-catching so get ready to get many compliments!Platinum Blonde with Rainbow Roots



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